Payment Method News!

Shipping Labels created by ECShip API could be paid in ECShip Online portal now!

Please follow the following steps:

1) Create posting record via API namely "createTemporaryOrder". Please remember to input your customer reference no in the field "refNo".
EXAMPLE: refNo="ABC123"

2) Repeat step 1 until all your posting records are created.

3) Login to EC-Ship Online Platform. At the "Pay Postage" page, tick the checkboxes that the items you want to pay and click "Pay Now" button.

4) Click the "Online Payment" button and pay those items by using credit card at ONCE.

5) After Online Payment completed on ECShip Online Platform, you can get the item number by using API namely "getItemNo".
EXAMPLE: e.g. searchType="REF_NO", searchParam="ABC123"

6) Store the item number in your own system for future use.

7) Any time you want to get the address pack of the item, you can call the API namely "getAddressPack".