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Smart Post Service

Smart Post is a domestic mail service. It alerts you via email when a mail item has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s address or picked up at designated post office. Smart Post comes with online tracking facility. It is an economical delivery option especially for valuable and small package items (e.g. e-commerce merchandise).

Benefits of Smart Post

Service Options at your choice

  • Mail Delivery Service – Enjoy our reliable and high standard domestic delivery service.
  • Counter Collection Service – Recipients can pick up mail items from our extensive post office network. This option will save them the time to wait at home for the mail item to arrive.


  • 24/7 online platform ( to enable you to arrange posting information at your convenience
    (including preparation of address pack slip).
  • 24/7 online tracking


  • Same day email notification to senders upon successful delivery.
  • Senders can choose for their addressees to receive mail status updates by email or SMS.
  • Item posted before the cut-off time of the day will be delivered in the next working day*.


  • Simpler and more economical alternative to local registration service.
* Working days exclude Sundays, public holidays, the days when Black Rainstorm Warming issued or Tropical Cyclone Warming Signal No.8 or above hoisted.
Note: Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
How to use the service
  • Sender registers at the “EC-ship” online platform (
  • Select Mail Delivery Service or Counter Collection Service.
  • Online Payment, print out the address pack slip and stick it on the mail item, visit any of our EC-Ship acceptance offices * for posting the item, OR
  • Select counter payment, print out the address pack slip and stick it on the mail item, visit any of our designated post office * for payment by cash, EPS or Octopus (Only available in counters installed with Octopus facility) and posting the item.
  • Do not drop Smart Post items into a posting box!
* The list of acceptance office is available at
Item Collection Procedure
  • If the addressee receives an email notifying him/her that the item is available for collection, he/she has to set up a personal collection code via a hyperlink provided in the email. Please collect the item at the designated post office with the collection code.
  • If the addressee receives a SMS (with item number and collection code) notifying him/her that the item is available for collection, please bring along the SMS to the designated post office to collect the item.


  • A postal item sent via the Smart Post Service is an ordinary mail item in nature without any compensation arrangement.
  • Change is not allowed after customer selects the delivery mode (Mail Delivery Service/ Counter Collection Service) or the post office for collection of the postal item.
  • Smart Post Service provides basic mail tracking information with updates on item posting and delivery/collection result
  • The posting cut-off time depends on respective closing hours of post offices.
  • If mailing quantity is 20 items or above per posting, the posting cut-off time is 4pm.
Weight not over Mail Delivery Service
(Unit charge per item)
Counter Collection Service
(Unit charge per item)
30g $13 $5
150g $15 $6
500g $20 $11
1kg $28 $21
2kg $40 $35

Maximum weight: 2kg
Notes: Please refer to the size limits of Letters and Packets stated in Section 6 of Hongkong Post Office Guide.