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Notice of Rollout of Kowloon City Market iPostal Station
Kowloon City Market iPostal Station (PLKCM) will commence operation on 18 July 2024 (Thursday). Starting from the same day, senders can designate any of the iPostal Station above as the collection point for their EC-Get, Local Parcel and Local Courier Post items through the EC-Ship or Post Now platform.

Address of the new iPostal Station in full is as follows:
PLKCM: G/F, Kowloon City Market, Kowloon City Municipal Services Building, 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City (near the entrance at Hau Wong Road)
Adjustment for Postage and Weight Limit for e-Express Service to Germany
Starting from July 29, 2024, the postage rates and the maximum weight limit for the e-Express service to Germany will be adjusted, with the weight limit revised to 0.5 kg. Please click here for details.
Resumption of Speedpost Service to Chile, Morocco, and Pakistan
With the gradual scaling up of air freight capacity and provision of transit assistance by other postal administrations, Hongkong Post have resumed Speedpost service to Chile, Morocco, and Pakistan from 27 June. Please refer to News for details.
Revision of Weight limits for Speedpost items to Canada
Starting from 27 June, the maximum weight limit for Speedpost items sent to Canada will be revised to 30 kg.
Submit electronic customs declaration
  • All the electronic customs information (including sender's information) shall be provided in English or the local language.
  • For sending mail items containing goods destined to or transited via the EU, Switzerland and Norway, all the electronic customs information shall be provided in English and numbers only, please avoid adding any punctuation marks.
  • Senders should provide a correct Harmonized System code that aligns with the declared content. Otherwise, the item may be returned to the sender or subject to delay in delivery.
  • To speed up the customs clearance process, senders are encouraged to submit electronic customs declaration when sending both documents and goods to all destinations.
Surface mail services to certain destinations subject to delay
As advised by sea freight contractors, due to vessels being rerouted away from the Red Sea, the journey time will take two weeks more than usual. Surface mail services to Europe, Africa and Central & South America may be subject to delay.
Suspension of surface mail services to Israel, Jordan and Gaza and Khan Yunis
Owing to a suspension of shipments, surface mail services to Israel and Jordan will be suspended from December 22, 2023 until further notice.
In addition, surface mail services transiting via Israel to Gaza and Khan Yunis will also be suspended from the same day.
Submit electronic customs declaration
Effective from March 1, 2023, the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Norway have implemented a new security and safety programme requiring all inbound and transit air mails containing goods to undergo preliminary pre-departure customs assessment at the origin of posting. Please submit accurate electronic customs declaration for the customs assessment. Posting information should be provided in English and numbers only, without adding any punctuation marks.

Senders are required to provide a local mobile phone number that can receive SMS issued by Hongkong Post on the request by overseas customs authorities related to customs clearance of the mail items. Senders shall check your SMS messages for 2 to 3 days upon posting and take follow up action if required. Hongkong Post will not embed hyperlinks in the related SMS requesting for any personal information. Members of the public could contact Hongkong Post enquiry hotline 2921 2222 direct if they have any doubts on the SMS received. For details, please click here.
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