What is API ?
  • Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of Web Services interfaces for the exchange of mail delivery orders and the associated data with third-parties computer systems.
  • For example, with EC-Ship API, your systems can communicate directly with EC-Ship system for performing specific operations, such as, creating posting items, generating address packs, calculating postage charges and tracing items.
  • Your applications can automate the preparation and processing of mail delivery orders in meeting your business needs by using appropriate interface functions.
  • EC-Ship/ Speedpost API is available to Hongkong Post customers free of charge.

Potential Users for API

e-Commerce providers and their partners are potential users of API in providing integrated services for their clients through interfacing their websites to EC-Ship or My Speedpost system. High volume mailers will be able to handle their postings with speed and efficiency.

Pre-requisites of Using EC-Ship API

  • Technical Skills
    Users of API must be familiar with Web Services and have / engage IT development resources to build your own interface programs.
  • Business Understanding
    We recommend users of to take a closer look into the products and services offered at EC-Ship/ Speedpost platform. A clear understanding of the features will also help you to get familiar with the API effectively. You may get more details below:
    EC-Ship https://ec-ship.hongkongpost.hk
    My Speedpost https://speedpost.hongkongpost.hk/mailing/soaz/login.jsp